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berijam lake

BERIJAM LAKE - perhaps the most pristine of the three lakes in Kodai. This is a plastic free zone and it is beautiful and serene. The lake lies within a reserved forest region. You need to get permission to visit this lake. Permissions need to be obtained on the morning of the intended day of visit from the forest office. Usually the person who arranges the vehicle will arrange the permit. Moreover, in peak season, a limited number of vehicles are allowed in per day. Since this lake is used for providing drinking water no water sports activity is permitted. The route to Berijam lake is more scenic than the lake itself.

KODAIKANAL LAKE - If you are going in winter, go boating in the evening, as it's an amazing experience to boat through fog settling on the lake. The lake is very near the bus stand. This is a star shaped lake and walking around it during the night is one of the best walking experience you can have in your life. Be cautious that there are lot of dogs around this lake and some places are extremely dark. Walk between 6 and 7 pm, then head back to your room.


coakers walk

COAKERS WALK - If you wish to catch the scenic valleys, the best time to visit the place would be before 2PM. But if you want to watch snow-like clouds (only in winter) beneath you form an ocean, reach the place between 3PM and 6PM. Try and catch the sunrise here or in the nearby Greenlands Hostel. A marvel. Also try out the telescope near the main gate. This place is very near the bus stand.

CHETTIAR PARK - a beautiful park with many coloured flowers and greenery. An area of reclining back at peace with nature. It is a pretty place for clicking pictures; and also have swings for kids.


chettiar park

bryant park

BRYANT PARK - A must see. Its main entrance is on the road surrounding the lake and is a 10-minute walk from the entrance to the boat club. Nicely maintained and a huge park. Their flower shows during summer are very famous.


GREEN VALLEY VIEW / SUICIDE POINT - has a more than 5000 ft steep drop from this point. The monkeys are a good attraction at this point. Renamed Green Valley View, apparently to prevent people from being lured to commit suicide. * Pillar Rocks - huge steep cliffs. Watch out for the cross at the top of the mountain hoisted by an English adventure enthusiast.

Green Valley

guna caves

GUNA CAVES  - a cave which became very famous after the movie GUNA. Very steep and risky to get in. The public may not be allowed to enter this cave nowadays, though it's a very good place to take pics. But if you are not a professional spelunker, a trip to this cave may be your last. Getting back will be problem as it's very dark and there could be about a 90% chance of suffering a free fall.

SILVER CASCADE  - it's a nice waterfall on the road side from kodai road to kodai kanal, just before 4-5 kms from kodai kanal. The cold water flows and it's really super to bathe in the cold water and travel in between the eucalyptus trees. If you are going to kodai kanal by private vehicle on the way, you can visit the place. Buy fresh carrots and some exotic veggies around here.


pine forest

PINE FOREST - It's on the way to the guna cave. A great view of long, pine trees. You can go a little deep into the forest and be surrounded with numerous pine trees one after the other. Opportunities for some interesting photo shoots available! You can also buy fresh carrots and plum and local fruits from there.

BOAT CLUB - In 1910, a new boat house was constructed. From May 1929, few tourists were only permitted to avail boat ride as temporary members.Then boat service was extended to the public and tourists in 1932. The tourists can avail boat services in the lake. T.T.D.C boats, Kodai boats, Carlton boats are available on hire for hours. Annual boat pageant is  held in May every year as a part of Summer Festival Celebrations.

boat club

kurunji andavar temple

KURUNJI ANDAVAR TEMPLE - is at a distance of 3 Kms from the lake. This is a famous shrine dedicated to Lord Muruga. This temple  is associated with the Kurinji flower which carpets the hill side and blooms once in 12 Years.  " Kurinji " means " Hilly Region " in Tamil literature. " Andavar " means God. Hence Lord Muruga is referred as God of Hills here. From this temple, one can have a view of Palani and Vaigai Dam.

PILLAR ROCKS - Pillar Rocks are located around 7 km from the center of the town. These are basically three stones, which uniquely jut into the sky up to a height of 400m. Holding a mini garden, it proves to be an ideal location for witnessing gleaming sunsets and poignant night view of the city.



ASTROPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY - The Astrophysical Observatory is located at the highest point of Kodaikanal. It is primarily a research center in meterology and solar physics. Built in 1889, the observatory allows the tourists to witness the planetary movements of celestial bodies. It even houses a museum, which exhibits models illustrating complex scientific phenomena.

SHENBAGANUR MUSEUM -  It was founded in 1895 and presents excellent opportunity to have a close look at various artefacts of ancient Paliyans tribes. Along with this, you also have an exceptional collection of more than 300 exotic orchid species, and almost 500 species of animals, birds and insects.

Kodaikanal Museum


DOLPHIN'S NOSE - It is situated at a distance of 8 m from Kodaikanal's bus stand. It is flat rock which projects over an unfathomable gorge. This is known as the Dolphin's Nose. One can enjoy impressive views of plains, steep, rocky cliffs known as Rolling Hills.

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